About Bring

About Bring

We are proud to be one of the largest mail and logistics operators in the Nordic Region.

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Global network

With local departments and agency networks throughout the world, we can customise solutions according to your needs, no matter where you are.

If you need delivery advice, we can find a solution to make everyday life easier and more predictable. Our value chain extends from A-Z throughout the world, and via hubs within the Nordic Region your items will always arrive by air, road, rail or sea.

By continually developing and improving our services, our goal is to become the most forward-looking mail and logistics group in the world, so that you, the customer, are always in safe hands.

If you become a customer of ours, you will have access to our self-service solutions where you can order transport and returns, create statistics, track mailing items and view your invoices.

Increasingly eco-friendly

We are committed to efficient environmental solutions so that our carbon footprint will be as small as possible. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020.

In recent years, therefore, we have implemented a number of measures to reduce our impact on the environment. This includes, among other things, a focus on environmentally-friendly vehicles and fuel, and over 1000 of our vehicles are electric, meaning eco-friendly postal deliveries.

We are working to increase environmental awareness among our employees and managers. In this way, we are becoming an increasingly greener logistics partner.

In 2014, we won the NHO (Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) Logistics and Transport Environmental Award. Together we are a driving force in improving the global environment and climate.

Healthy and happy employees

With our focus on a health-promoting working environment, it is our goal that no-one is harmed or made ill as a result of their work.

Therefore, it is important for us to offer an attractive working environment where employees receive training in safe, eco-driving among other things. In addition, they are given the opportunity to do further education through our training programme.

Our rate of absence due to sickness has reduced considerably since 2006, and as this rate was lower than standard in 2014 for Norwegian working life, your customers will receive items from ever healthier and happier employees.

Smooth, user-friendly online shopping

By looking at the overall value chain from manufacturer to consumer, we deliver services, solutions and concepts that facilitate effective, easy and attractive online shopping. Together with our partners, it is our goal to be a leading supplier to Nordic online shops.

At the same time, our services and concepts should make online shopping easy for most people. It is important to us that not you alone as our customer are satisfied, but that your customers are satisfied too.

We are here for you – whether you require customised solutions, advice or inspiration and professional updates, through breakfast seminars, LOAD (e-commerce conference) and other events.

Trail blazing

With a global delivery network, we strive to deliver your goods throughout the world.

We believe that is important to continually develop our services and do even more for you, the customer, through innovation, inspiration from our partners and our ability to listen to what our customers tell us.

By being open and demonstrating that this concept is important to us, we hope to lay the foundations for your successful growth. The pace of change in society is accelerating, and only those who can and dare to find new ways, will survive. Together we will realise our vision of becoming the most forward-looking mail and logistics group.

Because with employees who are committed to what they do, and trail-blazing green transport, we put our hearts into our work—for you, your customers and the environment.

Annual report

Posten Norge AS is a Nordic group that develops and delivers complete solutions within postal services, communications and logistics.

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