Temperature Controlled transport from and to the UK in addition to cross border Europe.

  • Operated with Bring Frigo
  • Market Leader in Scandinavia

Operated with Bring Frigo

Bring Frigo

Bring Frigo, our temperature controlled division, provide access to the most comprehensive temperature-controlled transport for our customers.

We are represented in Scandinavia with multiple sites that also offer storage options. Within this transportation network, we have the ability to transport goods between -25 °C and +25 °C.

Our fleet consists of modern trailers which are often equipped with dual evaporators and two compartments, so we are able to provide transport at different temperatures in the same vehicle. This allows us to be more flexible when combining goods.

Market Leader in Scandinavia

We have unique expertise in the field of temperature-controlled transport, irrespective of whether the goods consist of foods, pharmaceuticals, or other types of load which requires special care. We take responsibility for the entire delivery, from the producer to the warehouse or store. We make no concessions when it comes to temperature, cleanliness and precision, and with our extensive distribution network, we serve every corner in Scandinavia.


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